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Steadman Shepherds

AKC Champion

German Shepherd Puppies

We currently do not have any puppies available at this time

Steadman Shepherds

My pups are from the elite Schutzhund German Shepherds that comprise of such top producers as: 2x World Seiger VA1 Yasko Vom Farbenspiel, SCHH3, kk1 1A and the renowned World Seiger VA Grand Champion Zamp Vom Thermodos SCHH3, Kk1 7A. Home raised in a loving environment with constant socialization to promote excellent temperament.


They are bred for beauty and sound working ability. I am a small breeder who loves and believes in the German Shepherd Dog - a dog that is not only your best friend and companion, but also the best protector anyone could ask for. Hips and elbows guaranteed.

I am Linda Steadman, owner and breeder of Steadman Shepherds.  My passion is my love for the German Shepherd dog, always was and always will be.  Since retiring as Director of Human Resources from a large governmental agency, I am able to concentrate and literally fulfill my dream of raising German Shepherd dogs.  There is no better companion or friend than this breed.  Their desire to please humans is legendary – making them a top obedience competitor and a first-rate companion dog for adults and children.


I offer you the finest World Class German Shepherd puppy.  Their credentials are from the elite Schutzhund German Shepherds that comprise of such top producers as: 2x World Seiger VA1 Yasko Vom Farbenspiel, SCHH3, Kk1 1A and the renowned World Seiger VA Grand Champion Zamp Vom Thermodos SCHH3, Kk1 7a.


My pups are born and raised in a calm, soothing and loving environment giving them all the attention and interaction possible.  They are literally raised inside my home along side of me.  Family interaction is a constant, from delivery to new born to new home.   

My pups are the “best of the best” –when choosing Steadman Shepherds, you will not be disappointed.


A house is not a Home without a German Shepherd!



Wanted to catch you up on Xavier... He’s been the best companion to us since the day we picked him up at your home. He is now 81lbs of playful puppy! Everywhere we go with Xavier we are stopped by people who want to learn about him and give him attention. Some of his favorite things include frisbees, shredding toys, and playing with our cat. He makes us smile every day, Alex and I want to thank you for raising strong, intelligent, healthy, and happy German Shepherds. We recommend you to everyone we meet. It was very clear to us that this wasn’t a business for you but rather a passion you have to do right by the breed. To anyone looking for a GSD we can’t speak highly enough of Linda and her pups! Thank you again. Xavier says hi :)


-Alex & Cari / Davenport, IA

After having the pleasure of being the live-in companion to some of the Steadman Shepherds during the mistress’s brief absences, I can attest to the loving environment in which they thrive.  They are beautiful in stature and nature, always at your side, willing to please, comfort, warn or defend.  Their intelligent attention to your direction or needs affords a feeling of safety and security. 


They never let you down.

-Patricia Mudra / Petaluma, CA

I just wanted to let you know that Bear is having a great summer with us at our Michigan house.  Lots of walks on the beach and plenty of swimming.  We LOVE him.  Such an amazing addition to our family. 

-Jeanine Gassel / Chicago, IL



Just a quick update, Lexi is doing great. We started training and the trainer was impressed. She is strong, fearless, and of course beautiful. Everywhere I go people can't take their eyes off of her :) 


-Aleks Lazarevic / Chicago, IL

Dear Linda,


I want you to know that I am absolutely delighted to tell you how happy I am that I purchased my German Shepherd from you.  He is an outstanding animal in every respect – I’ve been told by all of my friends that he is the best looking German Shepherd they have ever seen and they are all just amazed at how well behaved and how quickly he responds to any and every commend.  He is extremely intelligent and always wants to do everything right.  It’s amazing to watch him whenever I tell him to do anything.  I never give a command – I speak to him in sentences and he always appears to know what I want him to do.  His temperament is amazing; he will accept company as long as I tell him it is okay.  He is a large and beautiful dog – I think he is the best looking German Shepherd I have ever seen and has probably the best disposition I have ever encountered.  I have had many dogs in my long life and he has brought me more joy than any of the others.  Thank you again for breeding beauty, temperament and intelligence in your GSDs!

-Irene Stone / Lombard, IL

I am so glad you truly care about your dogs, where they go, and how they are raised!  It definitely makes me so happy to buy a puppy from you.  I've been looking for one of the best breeders in the area and I found one - so thank you.  Your puppies are truly amazing and my pup will definitely complete me.


-Amanda Dunkin /Marion, Iowa

I'm glad to see you are doing well in the shows and I am not surprised at all that you are winning considering how awesome your dogs are :) I love Lexi, she is amazing, little strong headed, but I love her like that :)


- Aleks Lazarevic  / Chicago, Illinois

I came with my daughter every week to visit with a pup that I picked out when he was only a few days old.  I bought him from you two years ago and named him after the Gunner you had there. 


I just wanted you to know that he is the best dog I have ever had.  I am 55 years old and have only owned German Shepherds. 

- Bret / Illinois

Hi Linda,


I'm so sorry it has taken so long to send a photo. May is a pretty busy month for us! We are truly in love with this little guy. He has such a great temperament! He has adjusted to us and I'm pretty sure he adores us as much as we adore him! His training is going very well. He went camping with us last weekend to Starved Rock. He had a blast and did very well hiking!! We have never seen such a complimented dog. Seriously, we cannot go anywhere without someone complimenting him. We have yet to take a walk without someone googling over him. We have even had people do u-turns to come back and talk to us about him! While we were hiking, he had compliments from 95% of the people we passed. I'm just going to assume the other 5% were blind or perhaps cat people. I know we got puppy number 11 out of 11 but we really think we got pick of the litter with this guy.

Thank you!!

Here are 3 of our favorite photos. The first one is shortly after he came home. He loved the snow! The next one I love because one ear is up and one is almost there - so adorable! The last one is pretty recent. Both ears up now.


- The Thompsons / Illinois

Dear Linda,

Hope all is well with you and your family.  I am writing to thank you for bringing such a joy into our lives.  Favre is getting bigger by the day.  We always get compliments from family, friends and strangers on how intelligent and beautiful he is.  He fills our hearts with such love and I can’t remember life without him.  I feel so blessed to have found you when searching for the newest member to our family.  On that note, John and I would love to be put on the waiting list for next years’ litter because we would like to get Favre a little brother.  Please contact me at your earliest convenience to let us know we’re on the list.  We are beyond excited to have Favre and cannot wait to bring home another bundle of joy.  Again, from the bottom of our hearts we thank you so much for Favre.  Can’t wait to hear from you.

With all our love

- John, Kasie and Favre / Illinois


Mato was the first place winner at the Wisconsin German Shepherd Club at only seven months old.  We are so proud and happy with him.  Everyone says what a beautiful and intelligent dog he is.  We love him!  Thank you Linda for him.  We  recommend your beautiful dogs to everyone.


- Rick and Carol Peterson / Genoa City, Wisconsin




I just wanted to share my experience and pleasure from getting my GSD from you. He's the best dog visually that I could have imagined. I get compliments all the time and people turn heads just to look at him. Overall, he's such a fun dog. He has high drive and loves to play outside but yet knows how to behave inside the house. His temprement and nature is so balanced for our family.

I can't thank you enough for your help and continuing endeavor in raising the best GSDs in the state if not the country!


- Paras / Illinois

Dear Linda,


I finally sat down to send a note and pictures of our two females, Mia and Allie. As my husband says: "Love has returned to our home". We are so happy that we purchased 2 puppies. They love each other and play together all the time. The cutest thing is when they attempt to tire themselves out to go to sleep and then must be hugging, or at least touching noses or paws. Mia is spirited and a risk taker. Allie is calm and more passive. Both are loving, playful and so smart!


Everywhere we go we are stopped by people commenting on their beauty. Thank you so much for your loving passion for German Shepherds, and for the opportunity to spend time with your family of five pups. I will never forget the experience to help raise Hannah and Esto's puppies and prepare them for their new permanent homes.


We hope someday Allie or Mia can continue the legacy of Steadman Shepherds.

- Jeanette / Illinois

winter pup.jpg

Hello Linda,


I wanted to thank you again for breeding such beautiful and special German Shepherd Dogs. It was an exciting experience going to your lovely home to see Maverick before bringing him home. You were very helpful, caring and informative. Our boy is a year old today and is 80lbs of amazing!


He is growing fast, he quickly learned the outside routine for going to the bathroom, and is a phenomenal leash walker. Maverick is so smart and sweet with us. Every day someone stops and compliments him on his striking looks, shiny coat and his temperament.


It has been an incredible experience raising him, and we look forward to many healthy years ahead.

Thank you!

- Charles, Roxana & Maverick / Florida




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